Last week summary

What did I do last week
– figure out what to put on landing page A and landing page B

What am I going to do this week
– finalize the text in Croatian and English

The one month syndrome

Every single of previous attempts for disciplining myself to do something new ended up roughly within the same period of time, one month. That seems to be the magic number for my brain to be completely focused on something. Then it starts languishing. I’ve noticed the same pattern with my super-duper software idea, in the week which happened to have the task to define landing page text.

The last week was indeed a busy week, which included traveling back to the HQ in Dublin, and getting back in the office. Office meetings and tempo definitely take 100% toll on the brain. That simply pushes out all of the thoughts and occupies the full mental capacity. That said, it’s, under no circumstances, an excuse. Hence, here I am, writing a day late status report.

Brainstorming session

In spite the poor results, and failing to finalize the last week’s task, I have devoted 1 entire day of the past weekend for a brainstorming session. I’ve asked help from a friend of mine, a brilliant designer, to aid me with my weekly task. The reason why the finalized text was not produced is because the brainstorming session was imperceptibly replaced with a few bottles of red wine, accompanied by finest Irish steaks.

Before the invisible interruption occurred, our thoughts were going in the following direction.

Landing page text, empathy with the customer

After investigating the competition, I’ve discovered that 5 out of 6 salon booking applications have roughly the same slogan:

Book hair & beauty appointments online 

While it’s definitely a clear direction where to go with the punchline, it’s most likely not the text I should put on the landing page to grab our future customers attention.

The landing page text has to be something that customers can relate to. It should be something which our future customers already experienced.

Constructing the text in this way may actually cause the customer to subscribe for further news, because this could actually solve his/her problem. I honestly do not believe the Book hair & beauty appointments online would have, even remotely, the same impact as something constructed this way.

Some further thinking about the problem produced several sentences:

Your roots are showing?
You need new highlights?
Your hairdresser is ignoring your calls?
Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, that’s all we got before the finest Chateu Lacombe Cadiot sneaked in the bloodstream.

This week

Since the last week’s task was not finalized, the task for this week is pretty obvious: finalize the last week’s task.

There’s a nice video interview by Tim Ferris and Noah Kagan, talking about validating your idea ASAP. Although the link is set on 24:05 where they talk about it, the entire interview is definitely a recommended watch.