Last week summary

What did I do last week
– gathered contact info for every prospect client from the list
– learned that survey has to be sent via email

What am I going to do this week
– create a plan for the market research phase
– contact a professional for advice on landing pages

Salon list contact Info

Disclaimer : My better half did all the work on this task!

She shingle handedly filtered out +600 contacts, removed the duplicates, and googled contacts for all of them. Now roughly 50% contacts on the list have either associated email or facebook page, and 100% them have the phone number. Thank you Better Half 😀 !

All roads lead to the Landing Page

Since we have had no idea which communication channel to use to send this survey with, we thought of using email or Facebook. After reading and researching about it this past week, we are still not quite sure which channel to use. The first option is still to send it to the salons with associated contact email, and use Facebook to send it to the rest of the salons. Both of these options have one thing in common: They both need a landing page.

Landing page role

Any person who browsed The Web has engaged with some kind of a landing page, in one way or another. If we ask Google a definition of a landing page, we’ll get: A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. It’s an ok explanation, but it does not emphasise the importance of a landing page.

Imagine you receive an email from some random guy, saying he has a product for you, BUT he’d like you to fill out his survey first. No insight into which company this is, no webpage linked to the email, absolutely nothing that gives you just a tiny insight into Is this a fraud?. You’d give him a big fat NO, same as I most likely would. More I thought about it, more it made sense. One of the most striking quotes I’ve found about landing pages was from Unbounce:

Never. Start. A. Marketing. Campaign. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page.

That’s when I’ve finally realised, I have no clue about landing pages.

Find a professional

Following my grand discovery, and previous behaviour, the solution was obvious, get into the landing page land. Buy a book or pay for a course. But, this time I think I will try a different route. This time I’ll seek for a professional advice. There are people who do this for a living, and the ROI could be immense. There’s several reasons why I think this approach would be beneficial for me at this stage:

1. Collaboration

There’s an African proverb saying:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Working together with people is a skill on its own, and I think it should be crafted from the early stages.

2. Outsourcing work

You can’t do all alone. If there’s a piece of work in a particular domain which you are not familiar with at all, I think that work should be outsourced. Figuring out which pieces should be outsourced is another important skill, and what’s the best time to start with sharpening that skill then Now.

3. Hire the right man for the job

Hiring people is one of the most important skills when having your own company. Not the most favorite author in the USA, Robert E. Kyosaki, talks about it in his world-famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I think it is advisable to start learning this skill at the early stage as well.

Create a plan

As you could have read in the past few posts, I’ve introduced my self, and I did [the preparation] for my project log.
( The issue here is: I’m creating tasks for the next week on weekly basis, and that’s a bad thing. I have no visibility, and in the future it is going to be hard to continue forward, without a clear picture of what is done, and what else has to be done. Goal setting list of resources on the Internet is indefinite, and I’ll just put up the first one which came up on my Google search: How Setting Goals Can Improve Your Work Performance.

This is why I need to create a full plan of this market research phase, containing all the necessary steps for:

a) Market research phase
b) Entire project

Market research phase is one of the items on the menu for this week!