Week summary

What did I do

What am I going to do

  • start validating the idea


  • online card payments not widely popular yet in my country

What did I do

Setup manonthemission.io Wordpres website

In my world ideas usually start flashing in around 00:00. That was the case now as well. I was ready to go to bed, and I was thinking about this entrepreneurship thing, over and over again. This time I figured out it has to be a way of life, not just a thought (I tried with thoughts, they vaporise quickly). It has to be my life goal, my mission, to have entrepreneurship as a way of life. Thinking it through furthermore, I remembered another quote from UnScripted:

Habits cause lifestyle, lifestyle produces changes

That’s when I got the it. I’m a Man on The Mission. I’m gonna buy the domain of the same name, and keep a weekly journal of my steps/efforts towards my life mission. It’s primary purpose shall be to keep me in the loop, serving as a constant weekly reminder, and thus creating The Habit. It’s secondary purpose would be to provide value to any people who might want to see first hand what an Average Joe does on his quest for entrepreneurship and how long would take him.

Found a partner

During my previous (failed) attempts I’ve realised that every single one of them ended up with draining every single last drop of energy out of me. I’d take days and weeks to recover mentally. This time, instead of doing another kamikaze, I’ve decided to team up, for several reasons.

  1. One man band creating a full blown software system is a proper kamikaze, mentally, physically and technologically
  2. Having a full time job “on the side” and soloing something like this is simply a mission impossible
  3. More members = more skills = more potential for success
  4. Having someone with the same goal means heck of a lot of for positivity

Process of finding a teammate/partner

Finding someone to do this wasn’t as easy as it seems. I had been thinking of several approaches.

First I was considering hiring all of the necessary work on the sites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. Since I already interviewed dozens of developers, I reckoned I can do it relatively quickly and successfully.  After spending a few days in search for my future partner, I’ve found that hiring a developer through these sites resembles gambling: When you’re unexperienced, your chances of failed “investment” are pretty high.

My second option was opening a new company, and actually hiring a developer. Having a long term employee would be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, someone would actually be working on this full time. Secondly, I’d still be able to cowork with the guy/girl, and even have influence on the setup/code etc, and exchange knowledge, in both ways. The only issue here is the passion. It’s hard to interest someone in the entrepreneur story if the person is not entrepreneur “deep down”, and finding an entrepreneur fella these days is a special task of its own

That’s when I realised I can’t see the forest for the trees. A great friend of mine, who I’ve known for decades has similar aspirations. In fact, every time I see him, we talk about tech, world, travel, business and ideas. And it just occurred to me I can ask him is he interested in something like this. And he was 🙂

What am I going to do

Start validating the idea

Now, this is where the fun begins. As you might expect, as a real Average Joe, I’ve never thought I should validate my idea. All of my ideas area sheer brilliance, and they do not need validation. Not. As obvious as it seems, but

If you have a business idea which nobody is interested in, it’s worth nothing.

This time I’m going to start with the validation, no projecting, coding nor architecting anything before some kind of proof that people are interested in the product we’re about to create. I have several steps in mind to start with the validation:

  1. Create a short pitch
  2. Present it to the companies feedback group
  3. Present it to the customers feedback group


As I mentioned in the Intro, I’m living in Europe, in a country where people are still not widely using card payments online. That could potentially be an issue, so it has to be investigated in the early stages. At the moment I have in mind some sort of questionnaire, or a focus group, or actually digging out the true online card payments statistics out of somewhere.

I don’t have a clear vision of how should I tackle this issue, but it’s certainly something which requires attention in the upcoming week!