Hi there!

I’m a 30 year old guy who was lucky enough to be born in a civilised democratic country. I had a nice childhood, I finished college, and got a job in IT before I graduated. I lived in several countries and have already traveled more than an average person travels in their entire lives. At the moment I have a 100% remote job in a Fintech institution as a Dev Team Lead, and I’m living in a country where any western Country minimum wage is 1.5x more then this country’s average salary. All nice and dandy. Except it isn’t, well, not in my mind.

What’s the spark

A month ago I spent 3 weeks in my company’s offices in Dublin, Ireland. I managed to book a room in a house, over a friend of a friend of my better half. The accommodation was ~3.5km from the office, but with no direct public transport connections, so I’ve decided to walk to work and back (for the first time in my life). A friend of mine recently recommended Audible, so I decided to try it out and “listen to a book” during my walk to work. When I installed Audible, first auto-recommendation from Audible was a book called UnScripted by MJ DeMarco. I chose it straight away, for 2 reasons:

1) The subtitle was “In the pursuit of the Entrepreneurship”, something which is boggling my mind for some time now

2) It was +$22 – my brain thought getting it for free was a “super great deal”

Here’s when the snowball grew bigger then ever. I’ve already read some of the “free yourself from the modern slavery” type books, like Rich Dad books or some modern books with the “work remotely twist” by the guys from 37 Signals. But this is the first time I’ve actually listened to MYSELF, although a bit more profound, literate, and sexier voice “self”. Almost all of my logic, thoughts and vision of the world was poured in this book.

Why all this

To bring some clarity to this entire thing, here’s what’s been bothering me for a long time now. Long story short:

I’m trading my time for money. If I stop working, the money stops pouring in.

That’s it.

Anyways, back to the UnScripted. This guy was thinking exactly as me, with one tiny difference, he took action. Obvious, ha? Don’t be a smart ass now, most likely you wouldn’t be reading this if you took action. To figure out what is the rest of the book about, you’d had to read it. I strongly recommend you do it. No affiliates here, google the name and get to work. is created as a first action step as part of the Pursuit of the entrepreneurship, incomes pouring in weather I work or not. I am going to use it as my public weekly status tool for the current idea/project I’m working on.

Every week I am going to write a post containing:

  1. What did I do this week for this idea/project
  2. What am I going to do next week
  3. Are there any blockers in my project

My first idea is, surprise surprise, a software idea.

See you in Week 1!